12th August 2012

This is my interweb space! I am a 36yo music teacher, musician, songwriter, singer, parent, husband, amateur cook, music fan, observationist, technology addict and thats all that comes to mind this very moment.. more to come later. I live and breath in Brisbane, Australia. I welcome comments suggestions, criticism, feedback and cutting remarks as I will make a few of these myself I’m sure. Please share this site with whomever you like.

Geoff Hooton is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. His 2010 This Apathy Feels Alright is available at the Itunes Store. This Apathy Feels Alright is a mix of rock, pop and electronica that showcases Geoff’s ability as a songwriter, producer, and vocalist. Geoff played all of the instruments on the album and including drum kit, bass, guitars, keyboards and programming and completed all of the production via a laptop and a small portable recording system, making a true ‘solo’ album.
Geoff has also played bass in bands such as The Montgomery Clifts and ARIA award winning Brisbane band George. He currently plays in the house band at The Manhattan Club, Brisbane, Hooton & The Apathy and with two other as yet unnamed live and recorded music projects.