This Apathy Feels Alright

I have recently completed a solo album which you can hear at and buy on Itunes, Amazon, eMusic and some other reputable online retailers.
All of the instruments(yes most of them are real) and vocals are performed by myself and at the same time I completed the recording and mixing using a laptop and a small recording rig. I wanted to emphasise the portable nature of music recording, though it was all recorded in controlled environments(mostly in my house and at some gig soundchecks, though for drum kit and guitar amps I had to find other more  loud music places). I even took the cover art photo on my phone. For you tech heads out there I used Cubase and my Presonus Firepod for recording and mixing, played my Fender Jazz Basses,Modified Status and Maton Guitars, Mapex Drums and sung into Behringer and ADK mics. The whole thing was recorded and mixed using my trusty AKG K240 headphones, occasionally turning on Behringer monitors. I’m not endorsing any of these products just giving you some background. I hope you enjoy it! more blogs to come soon. The Link to the Itunes download is on the sidebar.

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