Hello world!

Hello World and welcome to my new slightly shiny blog (cue intro music). You can somehow subscribe to this blog and view it from your shiny LCD or old school CRT screen, you could print it or even view it from your mobile device. I am not really entirely sure how I will get time to post on this but I do like the font!  first some words about font.

It seems the kind of font that might have something profound to say or some insight or advice to give that seems important or relevant in any given persons scheme of things but thank you WordPress for your lovely font. I’m not sure if my rambling blog will do any of these things but alas here goes….

Anyway seems as I spend a lot of time in places where alcohol is served. One of my jobs is entertaining patrons through ‘song’ ,at the moment singing and playing guitar, but I have dabbled in the bass guitar for about 17 years now and once upon a time the almighty keyboard. In a country where statistically we consume alot of alcohol, I’ve noticed that when people are watching someone sing and play they general don’t realise they are being watched themselves … and being affected by alcohol this lets the more sober ‘me’ see them do any number of totally hilarious, absolutely violent, and generally stupid things. My earliest memory of this was when I was roughly 17 and playing a ‘covers’ gig in a ‘classy’ establishment called the Queens Hotel in Gladstone, Queensland in a band called Paradox with some very good friends of mine(maybe there will be more exciting Paradox adventures in later blogs). We had been playing ‘gigs’ regularly for a couple of years before this but this was when I began to notice ‘the punters’.

Two individuals stick in my mind from this gig. Number 1 : The guy in a large cowboyish hat who didn’t seem to be ‘with’ anyone and sometime later in the evening on the dance floor he began to do what I would technically call humping the floor in a quasi push-up like manner which after about 5 secs was sending me into shock as I couldn’t breath from laughing.

Number 2: From behind my keyboard rig I then panned across to a lady who might have been any age between 40 and 70 (It was dark and I was too young to be able to judge older peoples ages) she was wearing some kind of track suit pant I do believe (like I said it was a classy place) and I only noticed this as there was a very distinct dark urine stain a lot of the way down her front and I’m not talking a slight incontinence issue she clearly had no idea she had completely wetted herself……..oh how we laughed and laughed afterwards at the poor unfortunate woman but now in retrospect it seems quite sad.

In the fairytale world of The Queens hotel circa 1992 maybe these two souls found each other but I couldn’t confirm this for sure. But as four youths in the wider world of pubs, clubs, nightclubs and as I remember a lot of ‘backs of trucks’ we were in for seeing people do some funny shit tanked up on grog!




4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Oh dear.

    You do seem to attract a high class of clientele at your gigs, Mr. Hooton.

    I look forward to reading more of your gigging adventures.

  2. Paradox took the Gladstone pub scene by storm in ’92. What was not to love about a bunch of under-agers playing ’70s rock standards and AC/DC covers.

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